Friday, April 1, 2011

Those born in the month of April.

The Alder Tree. 18 March - 14 April.

People born under the sign of the Alder are brave, full of energy and very determined. They depend on their own instincts and are willing to take risks. They are also hard working and affectionate with loads of charm. They will be good leaders who inspire loyalty and passion and attract people to them like bees to honey. They have a natural confidence and great faith and belief in their own abilities and through this they will carry others along with them.

Alder people do not like wasting energy or time and are motivated by action if there can be results but they consider their time to be valuable and will not take kindly to time wasters. Be careful not to forget or leave behind others in your rush to be successful. You can be a great allie but tend to prefer to fight for yourself rather than others and sometimes your actions can result in other people getting hurt.

You can be an excellent leader but the reverse side of this can mean you may be selfish, have a quick temper and can make enemies. You can be the life and soul of the party because of your good humour and energy but you may have an ego that tends to crave attention and recognition.

You are an entrepreneur but may take dangerous risks so remember this can make you vulnerable. You love competition but on the reverse side if things don’t go your way then you tend to quit and move on to something more promising.

Your strong sense of worth, self esteem and positive energy means you will not be easily forgotten by those whose path you cross for you will always speak your mind. You will make someone a loving partner and a great parent.

Your animal is The Hawk.

Clear sighted with the ability to swoop down when opportunity presents itself. Bold and decisive.

Willow. April 15th-May 12th.

Born in the second half of April you are ruled by the moon and so have a certain mystical quality. You are highly creative and have great intuition. You may be highly psychic although you may not yet realise it and you are intelligent with a keen understanding of all things that surround you.

You have a deep understanding of nature and the passing seasons and the ability to take all things in your stride showing compassion and patience for you have the ability to bend with the winds of change without breaking. You are realistic and your perception of others is based on a strong intuition and you will always listen to your inner voice. Along with your intelligence you have a natural ability to retain knowledge and you are able to converse on a number of different levels and expound on subjects because of your great memory.

Willow people have great potential but are a little wary and tend to hold back through a fear of appearing pushy or over bearing but you should let your true self shine through. You will succeed in life for it is in your destiny. You are full of mystery but because of this you may be difficult to get to know. You will make a good friend but a bad enemy for you are tenacious in all you do.

You can be a good counsellor and a wise adviser. You will make a good parent and will be very protective of loved ones but you are also prone to mood changes and find it hard to forgive and forget. Willow people have a deep sense of responsibility so they make good teachers or they can hold down positions that will make use of this responsibility. You are reluctant to express your opinions in public but this will not stop you from having very strong opinions in private. You tend to worry about your health this may be because you have an imagination that works overtime.

You may show an interest in genealogy especially that of your own family. You can be very loyal but don’t allow others to dominate you or try to influence you if this is against your wishes for you can be completely devoted to those you love and sometimes this can be taken advantage of.

Your Animal is The Serpent.

You have a strong spiritual alignment with those around you. You have great wisdom and cunning and the ability to be passive and gentle but if threatened you can be transformed into a dangerous adversary.

This is just a bit of fun and not to be taken seriously.


  1. Thanks Silent Owl - this has really made me feel good. My birthday is the 30th of April so my tree is the willow and my animal is the serpent, then. This, I never knew. I am currently researching Tree Magick and reading Tree Wisdom by Jacqueline Memory Paterson; just started it - seems to be an excellent book. My field of research is botany - the use of plants in magic and ritual and also botanical toxicology. I am currently researching a book on this but would love to take some elements forward to PhD. Hope you are well. Take care of you. Radders

  2. Excellent Radders, glad you like it. Remember though that just a bit of craic. I have Tree Wisdom in my library and it is a very good book. If you like reading this type of book check out the three books by Niall Mac Coitir, I also have these. They tell of the Myth, Legend and Folklore of Trees, Plants and animals and are brilliant. My interest lies in Heritage and I am currently writing a book on Folklore, Supersition and Old wives tales. So I wish you the best of luck. Keep smiling.
    Silent Owl.

  3. I loved it is the 16th a lucky date for me to be born? I feel as if I have magic like I am a wizard. Please Reply!

  4. I am so glad that this post has touched you. All of us have a special magic within and it is up to each of us to nurture and encourage that magic in others. I wish you and yours a happy Imbolc and may the sun shine upon you.


    1. Wow I didn't know that. Thank you and may all your wishes come true!

  5. I have found a book called: The book of Merlin secrets. It told me that I am a oak and I am not sure what type of magick I am.. any help?

  6. Me and my friend are both studying wizardry. Vivianne's ghost is haunting us.. Any help? Please Reply!!!

  7. Hi Saff Bibi,
    There are many different books out there offering advice, some good, some not so good. Peter Berresford Ellis or Philip Carr-Gomm are two authors that I have found to be very imformative and may be of use in your search. I do not know who Vivianne is or why you believe that the ghost is haunting you but sometimes a spirit may just be completing its transition from one place to another so do not worry unduly. I cannot advice anyone on the basis of a message on a blog nor would I wish to except to say you must find someone you know and trust and speak to them. A friend, Parent, Teacher, or family member. I follow a druid tradition and we believe that the magic that is within each of us will reveal itsef in time. Be patient your path will eventually become clear to you and your journey will continue.


    Keep smiling,


  8. Amazing...
    I am a 22nd of April and this description matched me so well it was eery. Also, a few weeks ago a friend and I were thinking of what name we would like to have and I kid you not, mine was Willow. It came to me immediately. Gotta love it! The universe winks at us, eh?

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Yes we are all part of the one, each a small cog in the wheel of life. I'm glad you found that my description fitted you so well. Please keep reading through the blog archives and I really appreciate any and all feedback. Keep smiling.