Sunday, May 1, 2011

Those born in the month of May.

Tree zodiac for May.

Willow - The Observer.
April 15 – May 12.

If you are born under this sign then you are ruled by the moon. You are creative and highly psychic, intelligent and in tune with the ever changing seasons. You have an ability to retain knowledge and a good memory for facts which you will be able to use to great effect. You are patient and full of potential but you do tend to hold back a little for fear of appearing a bit pushy. You are also very articulate, strong willed, resourceful and a bit of a puzzle. You also have a tendency to be emotional and are capable of sudden mood changes, but trust your inner voice for you have good intuition.

The "new moon" Willow individual tends to more inclined to sudden mood changes and displays more unreliable character traits. These people are however receptive to change and quick to take advantage of any opportunity which presents itself. The "full moon" Willow individual tends to disregard advice, even though his or her own reasoning power often lacks credibility. The "full moon" Willow is, however, the more resourceful of the two types and is blessed with an even more exceptional memory than his or her "new moon" counterpart.

Being shrewd and practical, they can be brilliant inventors but are also drawn to the unexplained mysteries of life. As a friend, the Willow individual can be a powerful ally...on the other hand; he or she can make for a formidable enemy. Willows have a type of passive tenacity and can be extraordinarily wise counsellors and extremely nurturing parents who are protective of loved ones.

The Willow person is often reluctant to forgive and forget which can lead to permanent rifts with friends and family. In the work force, Willows are usually employed in very responsible positions but find it hard to settle upon a definitive career. If the career choice should be in the field of education, however, they are counted among the best teachers.

They are possessed with an overactive imagination and tend to fret needlessly about health matters. The Willow has a deep interest in family loyalty and history and usually becomes the family genealogist. The figure of the mother tends to dominate and influence the Willow throughout his or her life but once, married, there is no more devoted individual when it comes to the spouse and children.

The willow symbolises the female and is sacred to the moon, in Celtic mythology the universe was hatched from two serpent’s eggs which contained the sun and the moon and were hidden within the branches of the willow. Hen’s eggs were later substituted for those of the serpent and eaten as part of the Bealtaine feast. This was later transferred to Easter by the Christians and the eggs became known as Easter eggs.

Hawthorn - The Illusionist.
May 13 – June 9

People born under this sign are not always what they first appear to be. They appear to be one thing on the outside and another on the inside and the old saying “never judge a book by its cover” never seemed so true. When you first see them you would never suspect the fiery passion and creative juices that flow through their veins. They are very well adjusted and adaptable to most of what life throws at them so they are quite content with their lot and have the ability to comfort others at the same time.

They are curious and interested in a wide variety of subjects. They are also great listeners and people will seek them out in order to gain some release from their troubles. Hawthorn people have a great sense of humour and understand the concept of irony, are able to stand back and see the bigger picture with clear insight.

They can be bored very easily and need mental stimulation and a challenge. Multi talented they can take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself and excel as performers with great communication skills and the ability to influence others. They are known for their honesty and sincerity and are very understanding of others and for these reasons they make solid friends.

They do however, have a volatile temper and are prone to outbursts of anger. They are also very good at planning and scheming so they make excellent leaders and can take advantage of their knowledge regarding the weaknesses of their opponents although they are not ruthless, merely very clever strategist.

Hawthorn people make wonderful parents who cannot be hoodwinked by their children and because they are always looking for new and exciting things to do they are full of an ageless and childlike quality that will stand them in good stead.

Remember this is just for a bit of craic and not to be taken too seriously as each person may display different traits.

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