Thursday, September 1, 2011

MUIN/VINE - September 2 - September 29

MUIN/VINE - September 2 - September 29

The Equaliser.

Those born under this sign have a very changeable personality, one minute up, the next down, one minute full of laughter, the next full of tears. In other words extremely emotional. In times of danger or stress they are very cool and in control and are good organisers. If born under this sign you have a gentle and kind nature, you are a good socialiser although a little over indulgent at times. You need to feel in control of your emotions in order to have balance and contentment in your life. People born under this sign are not really ambitious, they have a very simple attitude towards life, they believe happiness and balance is more important than pursuing high ambition. The old saying “You sow what you reap” is the message they tend to send out. Due to their high emotions they are passionate lovers but they can be difficult to fathom out and this may cause problems in long term relationships. They have an earthy quality that can be extremely attractive and they have a good sense of humour. They are very good at seeing both sides of the story and can empathise equally with all concerned.

People born under this sign have a love for the finer things in life like good food, fine wine, music and the arts. They have very good taste and are both charming and elegant and have a certain degree of class. You can bring harmony and stability to others but try not to become dependent on others in order to validate your own self worth.

Top image: On The Vine by Darice Machel McGuire (An American artist).

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