Monday, August 1, 2011

For those born in the month of August.

Hazel - The Knower

August 5 – September 1

For those of you born under the energy of this tree you are extremely intelligent. You are organised and efficient and you are a gifted academic that will shine in the classroom. You have an amazing memory and are able to retain facts and information that will really impress other people in your life. You have a very sharp eye for detail and you like things to be ‘just right’. Sometimes you may appear to be obsessively compulsive and you may need to watch out for this in the future. You are very good with numbers, science and analysing problems. You like to make the rules but not necessarily playing by them. You are very good at mediating between people and are trusted to know the truth of a situation when you see it. Sometimes you may be guilty of over analysing things and you may be a little too critical of those around you and you should not pry into the affairs of others. You can also be paranoid at times and this can lead you to feelings of low esteem and a lack of self worth. You are very energetic although there are times when this could just be nervous energy so either channel it into something useful or slow down or you may develop a migraine or severe headache. Those born under the sign of the Hazel are artistic and practical; they are creators of things of beauty that can be used for practical purposes. They tend to dislike waste of any kind, rational and logical with a clear understanding of life. You are honest, caring and trustworthy. You will make someone a great partner and when the time comes a loving parent but try not to over indulge those you love as they may take advantage.

Remember this is just for a bit of craic and enjoyment.

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