Saturday, July 2, 2011

For those born in the month of July.

Holly - The Ruler

July 8 – August 4

Those of you born under this sign have a regal bearing. You tend to have great leadership qualities and are able to overcome obstacles and challenges with tact and diplomacy. When you face setbacks you simply put your head down and get on with it and very rarely are you defeated.

Although you can and often do appear arrogant this is not the case you are just confident of your skills and ability and it is this confidence that inspires others to follow you. You are highly intelligent and usually fly through tests or exams where others may struggle. You are both generous and affectionate and have true integrity but you are sensitive when others criticise you.

Sometimes you may appear to be a little demanding when it comes to relationships, you are very down to earth and spiritually content. You have a good eye for a bargain and love collecting artefacts. You are tolerant towards others and loyal especially to your spouse. You do not have a wandering eye and tend to fall in love and stay there often marrying those you have known as childhood romances.

You have a good sense of humour but not at other people’s expense. You can be a little bit of a recluse and protective of your private space. You have a tendency to be lazy if not kept stimulated and a bit of a miser with money.

Remember this is just for a bit of craic.

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