Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For those born in the month of June.

Oak. Duir. June10th-July7th.

People born under the sign of the Oak are caring, generous and helpful. They have a strong spirit and make the best of every situation. Oak people have a great sense of humour and fair play and will often speak up for those who are classed as the underdogs. They are the eternal optimists, deeply philosophical and truthful, a little indiscrete and prone to exaggeration and a little vanity.

If born under this sign you have the ability to be a great leader as people will be drawn to your magnetic personality and integrity, however beware of that eternal optimism because it may be the cause of some disappointment, not everything works out just because you wish it.

You may attract powerful friends but do not be too trusting, you have a habit of taking people on face value. You can be vulnerable because of this trusting nature both in love and business so beware. People born under this sign also love to share their knowledge with others especially knowledge of the past, they are very interested in history, archaeology and genealogy and they make very good teachers. They need structure in their lives and will go to great lengths to achieve control over their own destiny. You will live a long, happy life surrounded by a strong family and you will be involved within your community.

You may also possess artistic talent especially in the fields of music or literacy and the older you get the better you get so don’t worry about those who appear to surpass you early on, you’re staying power will prove stronger in the end. One little bit of advice. Carry an acorn in your pocket as it will bring you good luck in all your endeavours.

Remember this may not be true for all born under this sign. It is only meant as a bit of craic and is simply a guide on many paths you may choose to follow.


  1. I just need to find an acorn. ;)

  2. I am not born in June but I found this very interesting indeed. Thanks. Hope you are well. Love and Hugs Radders xx

  3. A very interesting blog here

  4. Thank you Christa. Hope you find that acorn.

    Hi radders. Even though you're not born in June you still found it interesting. Thank you. Love and hugs Silentowl xx.

    Hi Laura you are most welcome and thank you for your comments.