Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ash- The Enchanter
February 18 – March 17

The Ash Tree - Ash people have a duality to their nature. On one side they are artistic and appear vulnerable, on the other they are quite pragmatic. They are compassionate and understanding believing in both the natural and spiritual aspects of the world surrounding them. They can make ideal spiritual healers using their natural abilities and intuition both in the practical sense and in the energy they possess.

Although at first sight they may appear frail this is an illusion as they have an inner strength and are able to adapt quickly to emotional difficulties. However, they often have trouble with the little things that happen every day and are easily influenced by others; they may suffer from a lack of confidence and feel isolated from those around them. They can be good at making money by being creative but often fail to complete projects and as children may have needed careful guidance in the use of their natural talents and the achievement of their full potential.

Ash people tend to be mystical and appear drawn to fantasy. They love the theatre and the cinema as it allows them to escape into realms of make believe. They also feel the attraction of water, either with awe or fear but it will always raise an emotional response. They will be happiest in a career that has certain flexibility such as the arts or a career that will allow them to, make use of their compassionate qualities such as medicine. They are also very charitable, caring and gentle people who can be easily hurt and yet they are able to cope with both the positive and negative aspects of life. They are kind and considerate to their friends and make great lovers and caring parents.

Sometimes you may have to forgive them their day dreaming for they are romantics who often walk with the faeries. They have an enchanting way with them, constantly renewing themselves and rarely concerning themselves with how others see them.


The Sea Horse

An important figure in Celtic mythology, the Sea Horse often depicted significant connections with the Otherworlds, as symbolized by the fish tail. It was believed that The Sea Horse invited an individual to travel on a journey of discovery. It was also representative of confidence and grace. Many Celtic cultures regarded this creature as a baby Dragon.

The Adder

The Adder was symbolic of wisdom and spiritual energy. Snakes have long been associated with wisdom, reincarnation and cunning. Druids often carried an amulet called gloine nathair or serpent glass,

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